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Coarse filters: G2-G4

Pleated panels for molecular filtration Pleated panels for molecular filtration

Pleated panels for molecular filtration are compact, two in one particle and odour pre-filters which can be used in applications like offices and public buildings where coarse particles, odours and gases needs to be removed.

Pleated panels Pleated panels

Pleated panels plays an important role in extending lifetime and IAQ of Air Handling Units in Residential, Commercial buildings, Hospitals or even Make up units for Clean Processes
Prefilters are meant to protect fine filters in all applications by capturing larger particles such as coarse and PM10 both in Air Intake or recirculation air.
30/30 is a high efficiency pleated panel with water resistant cardboard frame Aeropleat is a family of pleated panels with cardboard frame (Eco), plastic frame (Green) and metal frame.

Bag Filters Bag Filters

Camfil Hi-Cap bag filter with synthetic media is used for comfort air conditioning and pre-filter applications.
The Hi-Cap has a metal frame and the Hi-Cap XLS a moulded plastic frame.

Media Media

Media rolls can be used as pad pre-filters in air handling units, but also as filters in paint booths and similar applications.
Fan coil filters prevent dust and dirt from building up on heating and cooling coils in ventilation systems.

Metal panels Metal panels

The Metal panels are used as basic grease filters and in a wide variety of areas like for example:
as heavy duty filters in comfort ventilation, in oil mist separators, suction silencers, vibration silencers and seals
CamMet metal panels are manufactured in a wide variety of materials, for example aluminium, stainless/acid-proof steel, galvanized steel and copper in most shapes and dimensions.
CamMet Double Filter is a double panel with flame guard and knitting mesh.
CamMet Metal Filter is a singel panel with knitting mesh.

Prosafe Selection Prosafe Selection

The ProSafe filters are designed to comply with the strict demands on safety, traceability and control in the Food & Beverage and Life Science industries.

Weather Louvre Weather Louvre

The weather louvre CamVane consists of profiles which separates water droplets from the air stream.
It´s mounted on the facade and protects the the ventilation duct and the air handling unit in the building.
The CamVane 100 HC is equipped with electrical heating to avoid the clogging of snow or ice particles on the profiles.


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