EPA, HEPA, ULPA filters E10-U17

A few uncollected particles or gas molecules can have extremely serious consequences in some processes. Just imagine what harm contaminated air could do to the manufacture of semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and to other sensitive processes.

Different processes need different levels of air cleaning, so an important part of our business concept is to help you analyse and specify your requirements. We have a complete range of filter solutions to satisfy your every need.

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Hepa/Ulpa testing

Absolute C Absolute C

is a box type HEPA filter for low and medium airflows with metal- (CET) and MDF- (CMT) frame.

Absolute D Absolute D

is a box type HEPA filter for high airflows with metal- (DE) and plastic- (DG) frame.

Absolute V Absolute V

is a v-shaped HEPA filter with metal- (VE) and plastic- (VG) frame. The Absolute VGHF has a header frame.
The Absolute VG Prosafe is designed to comply with the strict demands on quality, traceability and material control in the Food & Beverage and Life Science industries.

Absolute 1D Absolute 1D

is a box type HEPA filter with aluminium separators for high stability and is used for temperatures up to 110 °C.

Megalam Megalam

The Megalam filters are HEPA and ULPA filter panels designed for terminal filtration in applications such as Cleanroom ceilings, Isolators, RABS and many more and for products like Fan filter units and terminal housings.
The filters has three different depths, MD, MX and MG, and has a PU halfround gasket or a GEL gasket.
The Megalm Fabsafe is developed for safe use in microelectronic cleanrooms and equipment.
The Megalam ES (= Energy Saving) Fabsafe is for low energy usage.

High Temperature filters High Temperature filters

The High Temperature Filters are typically used in the Pharma industry for depyrogenation tunnels and ovens.
Aseptic filling lines incorporate those to have absolutely sterile vials for filling the medical products.
The Absolute D-Pyro is designed for high temperature environments requiring maximum production uptime and safety and achieves filterclass H14.

ProSafe ProSafe

The ProSafe filters are designed to comply with the strict demands on safety, traceability and control in the Food & Beverage and Life Science industries.


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