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Housings & Frames

Frames Frames

The Absolute filter holding frame is used for assembly of box-type filters like Absolute HEPA filter.
The universal filter holding frame is used for assembly of header frame bag- and compact filters.

Ducted filter housings Ducted filter housings

The ducted filter housings are mainly used in the supply air and can be used in a variety of applications.
The CamCube can also be used as an exhaust air housing if contamination free filter change with plastic bag is not required.
The CamCube range consists of ducted filterhousings for:
- molecular filters (-CC)
- HEPA filters 595x595x292 mm (-AC) and 610x610x292 mm (-AD)
- particulate filters with header frame (-HF)
The filterhousing is available in two lengths, short (-S) and long (-L).
The CamCube AS is a HEPA filter housing with integrated scanning system to perform integrity tests.

Terminal filter housings Terminal filter housings

The terminal filter housings contains the final supply air HEPA filters for turbulent ventilated cleanrooms.
Pharmaseal is a fully welded GEL seal terminal housing for cleanrooms in the pharma industry.
Cleanseal is a fully welded terminal housing with a varity of options for gaskets, grids and filter heights.
CamSeal is is a terminal housing with different grid options.

Fan Filter Units Fan Filter Units

The FFU – fan filter units with integrated fan and HEPA filter bring localized clean air and are used in Life Science and healthcare.
- The CamFFU HP is for cleanrooms ISO 8 to ISO 1 with turbulent or unidirectional airflow.
- The CamFFU CS is for cleanrooms ISO 8 to ISO 3 with very low space above the false celing and turbulent airflow.
- The CamFFU BP is for cleanrooms ISO 8 to ISO 3 with turbulent airflow.

Safe change filter housings Safe change filter housings

Safe change filter housings are mainly used in the exhaust air in biosafety laboratories, hospitals and applications where contamination free filter change is required.
CamContain is designed to meet the highest safety demands and is equipped with a integrated filter scanning.
CamSafe is designed for applications with moderate to high safety demands.
As option CamSafe can be ordered with manual scan system.
CamBox is designed for applications with low to moderate safety demands.

Weather Louvre Weather Louvre

The weather louvre CamVane consists of profiles which separates water droplets from the air stream.
It´s mounted on the facade and protects the the ventilation duct and the air handling unit in the building.
The CamVane 100 HC is equipped with electrical heating to avoid the clogging of snow or ice particles on the profiles.


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